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The motoring club for Pittsburgh area MINI enthusiasts
PittStopMINI Club, Inc - P.O. Box 4 Ingomar , PA 15127
Voicemail: (412) 567-6447

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Welcome to PittStop MINI

If you are in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area and you love MINI Coopers as much as we do, then this is the group for you!
You should be a member of the group if...

.    You love the MINI, old or new, owner or just admirer.
You love to drive, especially on those twisty roads!
.    You will find a way to take the MINI somewhere, even if it
     means that something or someone does not go with you.
.    You deliberately take the long way home just to drive that hairpin.
.    You yearn to see how fast you can take that corner.
.    You wave at other MINIs on the road.

It doesn't matter if you have owned a MINI (or a Mini) for just a few days or for many years, you will enjoy being a member of the club.  Take a look around here and see what we are doing.  From grass roots events, to our signature event at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and our annual meeting. Come see what we do and have some fun with us. 

All you have to do is become a member by signing up here on the web site and you are on your way.  Then make sure you check out the next event and sign up - you'll get to meet us and start having even more fun.

The link to Join the Club is over on the left.  We have monthly leaders meetings 
and all are welcome to come (just tell us in advance), as well as other activities where you can join the fun.

During the summer months we have informal meetings 
at a variety of local events among Pittsburgh, just come along and see who is there.  When you get the bug, you'll find you can't stop, and then you too will be having more fun in your MINI than you can imagine.

Get signed up and drop us a note!